Session spiritual guidance 60 minutes

Session spiritual guidance 60 minutes

1,400.00 kr Including tax

  • USD: 168.40 $

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Session spiritual guidance. This session is for you who are on your spiritual journey and experience that you are stuck, have difficult challenges or want to know more about how you can move forward in different areas. You can be an advanced soul of some kind. empathetic, highly sensitive, soulmate or being in a karmic relationship. Everything can be worked with. Of course, we also work with you who have challenges of some other kind that are not mentioned here. Our goal is to help you become whole and free within yourself in every way.

Topics that we can cover include:

You may feel or believe that you are here on earth with a mission that includes helping people?
You may want to know more about your spiritual gifts or what you are meant to do in life?
Maybe you are stuck in certain patterns that hinder you in life?
You may be struggling with recurring emotions, situations or relationships?

A session spiritual guidance can also include this:

To balance and heal dysfunctional patterns in relationships in general
The twin flame journey – Healing and guidance in the various processes not mentioned above
Guidance and healing for soulmates, karmic relationships or other spiritual relationships
Soul readings from the Akashic records
Cleansing of energies in you, in your relationships and also in your home
Guidance for you who are an advanced soul, indigo or highly sensitive / empathetic
Guidance on your spiritual journey
Help to develop your intuition

And this

Transformation of blockages from this or previous lives
Help clear and remove energy cords, soul contracts or anything else that hinders you
Animal communication & animal healing
Help to understand, manage and heal emotionally
Healing of the inner child
Healing and upgrading your entire energy system
Balancing of all chakras and Aura
Remove initiations from this and past lives
See and heal patterns and blocks that prevent you from moving forward and being one with your soul

During the session you will be able to ask questions and address difficulties. While we do healing energy work and provide intuitive guidance and advice on  your journey

The session is with both Hans and Martina.

The session spiritual guidance is normally via Zoom

Once we receive the payment we will contact you to set up a time.

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