Healing series advanced souls- 4 parts

Healing series advanced souls- 4 parts

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  • USD: 178.92 $


Healing series advanced souls in four different parts recorded on audio file and ready to download. You can listen to them as many times as you want. Each part covers about half an hour and you can choose to listen to the different parts whenever you want. Some you may want to use daily such as clearing, to clear and remove energies.

Following parts are included in the Healing series advanced souls:

  • Clearing and cleansing
    This healing cleanses and removes things that hold you back or interfere with your spiritual development. It removes and removes negative energies, expired soul contracts and other peoples feelings of that you have taken over.


  • Upgrade and expand your energy system
    Healing that helps you upgrade and expand your energy system, so you can keep more energy and light. Sometimes when we go through big changes, it can almost feel like the body we live in is too tight. This healing helps to upgrade your entire system so that you can expand even more.


  • Healing and balancing of your chakras
    This healing balances all your chakras, helping you to remove stagnant energy and imbalances. The healing goes through chakra by chakra and cleanses deeply, making it easier for the energy to flow freely.


  • Healing of your inner child
    The healing aimed to heal and upgrade your inner child. The healing covers childhood, time in the womb and past lives. It heals and transforms at the cellular level and backwards in the lineage. The healing also helps you to begin to heal trauma and difficult events that are stuck in your system.


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