Daily clearing advanced souls

Daily clearing advanced souls

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Daily Clearing advanced souls – An important tool for you who is  a twinflame, an advanced soul or highly sensitive.

As we develop spiritually, we increase in frequency, which is fantastic! To facilitate the journey, it can be important to stay as clean as possible in our energy. We are constantly affected by energies and feelings around us – often without being aware of it. If we are an old advanced soul, are on our twin flame journey or are empathetic / highly sensitive, we are guaranteed to be sensitive and pick up a lot from our surroundings.

A clearing means that you clear away energies from the outside that interfere and work to dissolve energy blockages in the body. We need to both work with ourselves from within, that is, we meet and become aware of the feelings, thoughts and different patterns we have and then be aware of what is happening on the outside. When we work both internally and externally, it makes it a lot easier for us on our journey. 

This clearing is downloaded here. Then you can listen to it as many times as you like – we recommend that you listen to it every day or a couple of times a week.

The daily clearing advanced souls includes, among other things:

  • Restoration and expansion of your entire energy system
  • Balancing  and upgrading of your meridians
  • Healing and upgrading of your cells and DNA
  • Upgrading and balancing of your chakras
  • Nervous system upgrading
  • Activation of chakras & gifts
  • All clearing and healing takes place at the cellular level

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